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Music Activities @Home : Musical Charades

Musical Charades

Musical Charades is a fun musical twist on an age-old game guaranteed to have the whole family up and moving and having fun. This game is almost exactly how it sounds. The good thing is it gets your family talking about music. Musical Charades is a great way to follow up with your little Mozart's music knowledge about classical composers or other music histories they've learned.

What you need for this game:

  • Something to write with

  • Paper

  • Timer or stopwatch

  • Bowl/container

Before you play:

Take a sheet of paper and cut or tear it into small pieces. Have everyone write down everything they can think of revolving around one particular music topic. The theme can be anything from musicals to Disney songs, to nursery rhymes or more. Use more than one sheet of paper if necessary. The more ideas put in, the more fun the game will be! 

How to play:

Think classic charades meets music theme and you’ve got the gist of the game. Each person will draw from the hat. When a player draws the paper from the container they are not allowed to show it to any other players. Using hand signals only they can show the other players how many words are in the phrase on the paper they pulled. The player must then act out the phrase on the paper until someone guesses what it is. Set a time limit between 30 seconds to a minute for the correct guess to be made. 

Play on teams or take turns going individually in front of the group. Use the timer to give each participant an allotted amount of time to get through as many options as they can. To make it more fun, add a bonus round at the end. Musical Charades is another one of those musical activities that can be played by older children and even adults. 

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