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Issa a celebration!

Bull City Music School opens a second location

Picture it

August 18, 2019

Quiet thriving arts town

Beautiful beaming sun

Smiling faces

All the perfect mixture for the opening of Bull City Music School - Hillsborough. The day could not have turned out any better than a movie director receiving an Oscar. Nestled in the quaint town situated along the Eno River, Bull City Music School opened its second location and celebrated the day with elected officials, staff and friends.

Bull City Music School first opened their doors in July of 2017 in neighboring city Durham. The name represents its origin “Bull City” as Durham is referred to. The music school opened with two teachers, Jeanetta Hopkins, owner and Christopher Martin. Rapid growth occurred and the school grew in class offerings and staff. It wasn’t long before a decision to expand was made. Hillsborough became a top contender because town leadership embraces the Arts and openly supports it. At that point, it was kind of a no brainer that our second location would reside in Hillsborough.

Shortly after 3 pm guests began to arrive and learn more about the new neighbor in town. Mayor Tom Stevens, town officials and county commissioners were on hand to welcome us to Orange County. After the well wishes and congratulatory messages were given, Mayor Tom and Jeanetta led the crowd with a countdown before cutting the red ribbon. DJ Jay Albert creates a party atmosphere for attendees. Jeanetta’s vision for the grand opening was to have a block party. Guest danced to “Just Got Paid” and so much more.

Guests toured the facility, talked with the staff, played the instruments and posed for pictures. As they departed attendees received a BCMS Swag Bag.

A new chapter is written in the book of Bull City Music School. A book of new possibilities with new realms to be discovered.

Long live the Arts!

Photo Credits- Ryan Moeller Photography

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