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It's Me, Jeanetta!

Hey everybody!

It’s me, Jeanetta! The owner and founder of Bull City Music School in Durham, North Carolina. Thank you for perusing the website and nowwww- our blog!!

Yes, I am now blogging! Kinda shocked myself there. The blog is not about my education and who I studied with, but you can read all about it at Rather it is about the development of the musician and how it started.

So the title is It’s Me, Jeanetta leads you to think this blog post is about me! Anddd you are right. Wanna hear it? Hear it goes!

I started playing piano at five years old. The way the story goes is my mother asked me to take piano lessons and I told her NO! In my own time I said I was ready-probably a week later. The lessons began and my paternal side of the family was ecstatic and voiced strong opinions about my music formation.

When most kids got a chance to go outside and play all day I didn’t. Unless I was at Aunt Carol’s house,my get out of jail free card was to practice my scales and repertoire. I may of hated it at first but now that I have opened Bull City Music School, appreciative is the least I can say. The work ethic and character building it gave me was insurmountable.

My formative years of music Lessons was filled with playing for church and weddings. It was here I learned about having a job and the preparation one needed to do. I learned project management, communication and leading a team to the desired goal. Who would have thought music lessons would yield those skills? I’ll elaborate in another blog about those other skills I mentioned. Playing the piano wasn’t enough for me. This chick had to be in Orchestra!

Playing in the Orchestra was one of the greatest highlights of my musical journey. I chose to play the viola simply because it was the road less traveled. Everyone wants to play the violin (divas of the Orchestra) and cello ( the other group of divas). I later came to understand the viola is lot like my mantra for life. You do not have to be the loudest and be seen but make an impact so they know you were there. Let me explain. Playing the viola is the alto voice in the choir, it is not the highest or lowest, right there in the middle, playing the harmony parts. The viola section impact is so great without it the music is well……...Enriched! LOL

I am wife, musician and most of all a mother. My greatest compositions are the three child I gave life to. Everyday I write a new motif and am simply the harmony to their lives. I became a better musician when I became a mom.

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1 Comment

Kim Wallace
Kim Wallace
Oct 27, 2017

I'm so excited to witness this journey!

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