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Announcing our New School!

#DreamBig Our students need your help to succeed!

After many years of dreaming, talking and planning, Bull City Music School is finally open!

As you may have heard, I’m raising money to prepare our brand new space and secure digital and acoustic pianos with Disklavier add/ons.

What We Hope to Accomplish with Your Help:

We want to offer a recording lab with 5 workstations and top quality software  and I could really use your help. We've already had our first donor, but we are trying to make it to $25,000 by October 28, 2017.

Even a small donation would help us reach our goal.

We plan to use the money to pay for state of the art music technology, build out our awesome new space and retain the most advanced teachers and staff that we need to be successful. Not only will your donation help us get started with as little debt as possible, but it will allow us to build a recording studio and digital music lab to help teach our students how to fully round out their modern music education.

Bull City Music School is doing big things in Durham, NC!

Under my directorship, this new school for the musical arts will experience enormous opportunities and growth. At BCMS, we focus on meeting the student where they are and inspiring confidence in the ability to perform.

Our Goal: To provide the best in digital technology

We are striving to provide the best in digital technology while offering a modern approach to a classical education. It's never too early, or too late! No matter how young or old, we have offerings to suit any would be student. See how we are the modern approach to music by viewing this video:


You can make a donation on our crowdfunding campaign page by visiting us here . Feel free to share our campaign and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, too!

Thank you in advance for your support. Please sign up for our school and campaign updates. Let me know if you have any questions about our campaign, our goal, or Bull City Music School.

Much love, 

Jeanetta Powell Hopkins

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