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Music Activities @Home! Animal Dance Party

We are all at home. Why not turn up the music and have an animal dance party?!

Animal Dance Party is a great music activity for any family but especially families that frequent the zoo or watch a lot of Animal Planet, or general animal shows or documentaries. You get to act out your favorite animals while listening to your favorite music. This game is great for younger children because it involves using imagination, and kid's natural love for animals usually helps too. This activity is ideal for children ages 4-10.

For this game you will need:

  • A music player and/or speaker

  • List of animals

  • Crafting supplies are bonus

How to play:

Having an Animal Dance Party is rather simple and pretty much just how it sounds. Make space in your home to move about safely, or if the weather permits you can do this activity outside. Play music and call out the animals on the list. As each animal is called, everyone has to dance like the animal that’s been called. Choose music that has sounds and tones that remind you of different sceneries and the animals that might live there. Keep it interesting with themed nights like a tropical, safari.

Some fun tips:

Turn this one fun activity into an afternoon full of fun activities. Take some time before you play and make different masks to represent the animals on your list. If you have any animal ears or old costume pieces around the house you can use, include those too. You can use a number of materials for the masks from brown paper bags to paper plates. Make your favorite animals and switch between them as you dance as different animals.

Use this list of fun animals that are easy for young kids: elephant, lion, giraffe, rabbit, shark, dolphin, lemur, snake, dog, cat, kangaroo, alligator.

Not only will your family enjoy a fun night having and Animal Dance Party, but it’s also a great opportunity to take lots of funny pictures with everyone dressed in their masks and doing funny dance moves. Those memories will last forever! 

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