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December 12th Newsletter

Check out all our latest updates!

Reading new books, Enrollment for 2021 & Musical Word Search!

Check out what is happening at Bull City Music School!

December is National Read a New Book Month!

It is that time of year, with its long cold nights, when people enjoy curling up with a blanket and getting lost in a good book! Books make great gifts too!

Some people like science fiction or mystery, others enjoy fantasy or romance, while others delight in autobiographies or biographies about people’s lives.

To incorporate music, what a jolly time to read autobiographies about musical artists, music theory books, and even sight-reading music!

What is your favorite genre to read?

Are you reading a good book right now or starting a new one? Click HERE to Let us know!

Enrollment for 2021 for the Winter/Spring Semester!

What a great time to unleash your inner musician!

Bull City Music School is happily accepting enrollment.

We are perpetually committed to providing quality music education to you & your family in a safe and healthy environment!

Students seen in person will be required to wear a mask.

All of the classes we offer provide an incomparable foundation for any future musical instrument & encourages the love and understanding of music. All students receive both individual attention as well as motivation & inspiration by learning with their peers.

Voice—Our teachers have students focus on breath control, resonance, intonation and development of her or his higher and lower registers. Furthermore, tips for good vocal health will be covered to prevent damage to the vocal cords. Whether the student is new to singing or would benefit from coaching for an audition, this is a wonderful way to maximize the singer’s vocal performance!

Strings—Our teachers furnish students who desire to study string instruments with a curriculum including group classes, individual lessons, and performance opportunities.

Our highly experienced teachers facilitate the students learning by instilling motivation and confidence in them. This program is a wonderful opportunity for children interested in music to begin playing viola, violin, or cello in an engaging, supportive musical environment!

Piano – Our teachers assist students in developing a joy and love for music through piano education and performance. Students shall learn piano music skills through note and rhythm reading, ear training, theory, and technique. The piano curriculum includes musical activities such as composition, music history, and games to make learning fun and to give each student a full understanding!

Guitar—Teachers shall equip students with knowledge of the guitar by commencing with the fundamentals: scales, chords, reading music, proper fingering, tuning, rhythm, and arpeggios. They will also have fun learning easy new songs. We believe the best way to learn how to play the guitar is simply to enjoy your playing while building on your skills. Our lessons are fun and we have found that the fun keeps our students engaged & motivated after the lesson.

As the Suzuki Approach states, “Music is a language and every child is born with the potential to master this language, given proper environment and nurturing and expert teaching.

Musical Instrument Word Search!

Looking for some fun and games to do this week?

Try our “Musical Instrument” word search below!

The first 3 people to find all the words and send picture of the results will get a prize!

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