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ICYMI: Practice Buddies Wanted

We all know the old sayings, " Practice makes perfect", "you have to practice if you wanna play", "practice how you play" and so on and so on into infinity.

Practicing can be laboriuos, tedious and unproductive as brushing your teeth while eating cookies.

But, does it have to be?

Absolutely not. Actually this is where I enter in the room with my cape on and trusty wand (really my violin bow) and save the day. I am blogging about ways to make the dirty word, PRACTICE, seem not so dirty. Cue up the orchestra and get ready for Practice with Jeanetta. Yeah, yeah I am a musician but my tips can help you succeed in any area of life.

Are you ready to accept the challenge and get practicing?

Let's do it. Share the movement. We are so caught up in the end result that we are not spending enough time with the process. Don't be stingy. Forward the blog to your networks and show how we are perfecting our craft.

Hop over to our favorite social networks (facebook, instagram and twitter) use our handle @Bull City Music School to follow the process.

See you soon.



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