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Bull City Music School Lives!

Bull City Music School is a dream born, died, born again and finally- Fulfilled. The path we are all given in life is a lot like DNA. It's there, wrapped up in some type of intricate rocket science formula waiting patiently to be revealed.

This dream of having a music school was put into my DNA from the first time I touched the piano keys at 5 years old. Little did I know all the years of piano lessons would blossom into a music school. As a matter of fact, if you told me this would be my career I would probably tell you I have lakefront property to sale in the heart of North Memphis. That DNA had this dream wrapped tightly. Tight enough that it only gave me glimpses of what the future held. Fast forward many years of triumph and tears, despair and death to 2014.

Remember the secret code in the DNA? Well, it whispered, "It's time". Triangle City Music was the first name as I started to discover what this dream would sound like, be remembered for and most of all effect change via music. TCM grew fast and we were off like Sea Biscuit out of the gate! One more time the voice whispered, "keep going, downsize to up-size". I listened and did exactly as told. 2017 brought about a dream fulfilled. One that was written and re-written until the blueprint was right for 2017.

Here today we changed our name from Triangle City Music to Bull City Music School, discovered branding and said " Hello World ! "

Bull City Music School is a garden for musicians to grow and reach their artistic potential. At Bull City Music School we strive to create an environment where each musician is provided a solid musical foundation.

A dream fulfilled.

Subscribe and follow the journey.

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1 Comment

Congratulations, love!!! I am so incredibly proud of your journey...

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