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Beware! Stage Moms are out there!

Halloween is finally past us, Thanksgiving around the corner and ........ Winter recitals are cranking up. Here comes the time of year when the moms and dads show over abundance of support and good cheer for their child (sarcasm meant). Being in the music education field I have encountered a few shall we say, over the top, stage stealing, blocking all parents view from the stage parents. Do you know what we call them??? STAGE MOMS!

This blog is not about bashing the stage mom or rolling eyes at the very thought of them but rather lens change for harnessing their influence. Let's talk about a few tips to circumvent the stage stealers, oops I mean Stage Moms. Really, this blog how to deal with the beautiful monster called stage moms.

1. Keep them busy!- Stage moms really want to be helpful. Channel their energy into projects you need help with. Understand this, they can smell busy work a mile away and will not be as helpful to you.

2. Public Relations- Yes, Public Relations! Stage Moms are really good communicators. Think about it, they know all of the 8 counts and Mozart Sonata phrasing better than anyone. Again, channel their energy and voices for whatever you need communicated.

3. Head Usher in Charge!- The truth of being a stage mom is they love being in charge! Make them a part of your team. I always view the video after a recital and see the guest behind behind the one in the way of taking pictures. The look on their face is disgust! Stage moms will set the tempo and let everyone know we will not block the aisles. She will make sure everyone gets a picture of little Tenika, Jane and Marian on stage.

4. Critics- Stage Moms are either going to be your best friend or foe. It is up to you to decide. But, let me offer this little bit of wisdom, stage moms will also be your best critics. If you want your business to grow and can handle constructive criticism, this group of moms will definitely weigh in with their 2 cents. Stage Moms can be a pain in the a** but they love their children as much as you love your business. They are really invested and want nothing but the best for their children. I have learned stage moms have an eye for details, big picture and the nooks and crannies we may not be able to see. Take a moment and listen to them.

5. Cheerleaders- No, I have not lost my mind. Stage Moms will be your cheerleader. I remember having a really tough day directing my high school choir. I was pregnant, extremely hormonal and the kids could not get a rhythmic passage in the music just right. I had one Stage Mom that could control herself and realized at that particular moment her baby girl was not going to shine because my star was dim. She gave me a hug and said, " You are doing an awesome job, tomorrow will be a new day to start all over again". I neglected to tell you she was the Head Stage Mom in Charge, the boss of all of them being a cheerleader for me.

So, there you have it. Stage Moms are loud, obnoxious, pains in the a**, narcissistic group of moms you will ever meet. The truth is stage moms are the backbone of any show if you harness their influence in a positive manner.

About Jeanetta, that is me!

I am a wife, musician and most of all a mother. My greatest compositions are the three child I gave life to. Everyday I write a new motif and am simply the harmony to their lives. I became a better musician when I became a mom.

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