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Don’t say the “P” word

It is a nasty little dirty word said in many professions.


Don’t say it out loud because it may produce positive results.

Let‘s say the dirty little word in unison-


Face it. This all-important verb has somehow gotten pushed to the side; however we want the prodigy results. Whether your goal is to become a musician or to enjoy music, you have to practice.

Practicing is really not a dirty word. It is a way to learn and improve on the new skills one is learning. Practice is defined as “ perform (an activity) or exercise (a skill) repeatedly or regularly in order to improve or maintain one's proficiency.”

The take way from this blog is what is practicing and why you should practice your craft.

For this blog, we are sharing a summary of a case study with a student from the BCMS Familia. The student is learning how to play sixteenth notes, create a good tone and be in charge of her practicing. She set a goal to be able to play mostly in tune and with a steady beat. The student’s mom helped her select a consistent time to practice assisted with keeping a routine. Let’s just say when she arrived at her violin lesson and demonstrated mastery there was nothing but smiles.

1. Set goals based on your needs with a realistic schedule.

2. Write out your goal and stick with it.

3. Now put the plan in action! 4. Adjust plans if necessary (life does happen)

5. Reward yourself for sticking to the plan ✨

Regardless of your skill level practicing is a must. It is pointless to go week after after and sit in class if the newly acquired skills are not going to be _______! (Practiced)

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